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Alcon Pvt Ltd - about-us * 1220 ( width ) * 2440 ( Length ) * 3 ( thickness ) MM
* 1220 ( width ) * 2440 ( Length ) * 4 ( thickness ) MM


1. Wall curtain, Cladding and facade.
2. Roof edges and parepet wall.
3. Dado, seperation wall and partition.
4. Advertising plate, showroom and shopfront signing.

Rigid and Lightweight

Best Sense panel features high strength with excellent torsion strength and bending and bending strength for extemal walls, and lightweight than solid aluminium, and highly cost-effective for construction budgets.

Outstanding Sound Insulation

Compared to the other materials with the same weight ( steel, soild aluminium, tile, plywood, etc ), Best Sense panel has a greater sound transmission loss.

Weather Durability & Corrision Resistant Alcon Pvt Ltd - about-us

Best Sense panel coated with floro-carbon (PVDF) resin. Itwithstands the extreme weather conditions and minimizes the possibility of acid, alkali and salt spray corrision, hence unaffected by the temperature change and the long term task of ultra violet rays.

Superior Machinability

Best Sense can be easily fixed by any types of cladding applications which consist many shapes angle, curve and radious by cutting, bending, curving, folding, fastening, welding, edge jointing & close-out, etc. Allprocesses are possible by the ordinary metal and wood working machinery to shape the distinctive manifestation of your design concept.

Good Thermal InsulationAlcon Pvt Ltd - about-us

The PE or fine rated core isolates the differential exterior temperature, which allow you to save on utility bills. [Rate: 0.09954w / (m.k)]

Economy & Ease of Installation

Best Sense panel will reduce the inplace costand installationtime since the system doesnot require additionak reinforcing structure and insulation layer (to be specified by architects).

Great Impact Resistant

Viscoelastic high molecular resincomprises the core, preventingcrackingor breaking, yet comes with the exceptional high surfacess high stiffness and impact resistant.

Outstanding Characteristics of fireproofing

Alcon Pvt Ltd - about-us

Best Sense panel fully meets fireproofing requirment specified inbuiting code. The ability of fireproofing is higher than the index requirment of grade B1. It performs excellent in flame spread and smoke developement.

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